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Digital Marketing

for Pro-Dommes


Digital marketing has been a disruptor to every industry, not only that of professional domination.  Press, newspapers, magazines, Craig'slist, Backpage.... all gone, or rendered ineffective and obsolete. 

     Whereas Digital Advertising has been a great thing for most businesses because it allows an advertiser to target their best prospects and to pay only for the types of results they wish, it has proven to be a challenge for adult sex workers who are being prohibited from using many advertising vehicles.

Google Adwords is utilized by "bidding" for keywords.  Once you have decided on the amount and duration of your advertising campaign, google will feature you when that keyword, within the geographical area searches for it.

Facebook advertising on the other hand uses knowledge of each person's interests to target those who are likely to have an interest in your product or service.

Creating Effective Ads.

An effective advertisement may have surprise, humor and craft, (or otherwise a quality of composition).  In placer of humor, it may be poignant.  

     The Keys of Success for an Advertisement are:

  • It has great storytelling.

  • an elegant design

  • unforgettable words

The consumer isn't a moron.  He is your brother, or a sister, so don't insult their intelligence through a belittling ad.  And it needs to balance both the logical and the emotional side of the brain.


It is the strategist's role to discover and then develop an insight which is unique, and hopefully a little profound.  Using that insight an idea is formed which is often humorous.  From there the idea is put into execution; the ad planned to the tiniest detail.  If the add is a video commercial, then it is scripted down to the second.  

  • The art director sets the visual world

  • The copywriter creates the text/words.

  • Overseeing them both is the creative director who is responsible  for the overall tone of the ad.


Story Telling

An ad needs to tell a story, and all stories require a beginning, middle and end.  One of the most common mistakes is when an idea is developed without having a clean understanding of what the ending is.   Determining the ending is essential, or else nothing will come of the idea.

I have mentioned the importance of humor.  The most expensive ads in the world are Superbowl commercials which are currently about $6M for 30 seconds.  The reason that so many are humorous is because humor works.  Life is generally NOT funny.  By placing a humorous ad, your brand becomes authentic and engaging.  And as daunting as it may be for some people to come up with something funny, humor is actually much safer than trying to evoke other types of emotion. Humor is safe!  






Key's to Successful Ads.


  • Tell a story and know the ending up front.

  • Humor is safe.  Use it for the majority of your ads.

  • Don't forget the power of music in your ad.

  • Don't be boring.... be BOLD!    

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