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Digital Marketing

for Pro-Dommes

•Positive friendly tone in

     initial communication.

•Make them feel special.

•Plan session – Don’t wing it.

•Always Debrief with an AAR.

•CRM – Keep notes

Customer Segmentation

With more limited advertising options and a reduce demand for real time sessions, the cost in time alone to attract a new client can be considerable.  It does not take much time working i th4e scene to understand that maintaining a client base of repeat customers is far better than continually having to bring in new ones. 

      Aside from the time required, there is the frustration of dealing with a percentage of fakes, assholes, wankers and other various riff-raff.  

     Therefore, your goal is not merely to satisfy a client with your session.  A satisfied client, may or may not return to you.      Therefore your goal is to delight your clients by surpassing ttheir expectations.  

      Not too many years ago, it was common for a professional domme to maintain a select few personal slaves to help her with her personal life, there has been a tendency for professional dommes to now acquire vassals.  These are regular sesion slaves who only see one domme and do so on a regular basis.  Thse vassals serve to provide a regular and dependable revenue stream which the domme can  rely to pay her bills.

        It is important for me to clarify that the dynamic of working to provide an outstanding session experience to produce happy and satisfied vassals is NOT the business model for many fin-doms who are appalled at the idea of trying to satisfy a sub.  Their model is one of trolling (using the fishing term and not the social media one) to locate as many piggies as they can who will provide money for little to no value in return. 

reasons why clients don't return

So let's review the primary reasons why session submissives are dissatisfied with a session and therefore do not return:

  •  Failing to meet session expectations

    • Activities

    • Subspace vs. experiential desires

    • Release (happy ending)

    • Ignoring hard limits of sub

    • Samo-Samo (nothing new)

  • Lack of Professionalism

    • Disorganized

    •  Ill-Prepared

    •  Unprofessional Appearance/Presentation

    •  Lack of equipment

    •  Unprofessional venue

    •  No session agenda, no planning

    •  Distracted – (calls/texts)

    •  Disregard for sub's session preferences

  • Personality/Inappropriate tone

    • Jaded​

    • Lack of personality

    • Mercenary, asking for gifts, demanding tips, etc. notes


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Client retention tips

1.  Positive friendly tone in both initial communication, when you first greet the sub and at the completion of the session.


2.   Make them feel special. (Yes, even if you are humiliating and degrading them


3.   Plan your sessions, never "wing" them.


4.   Always Debrief with an After Action Review: 


5.    Be diligent and keep notes on each of your sessions.  What did you wear, what did you do, how did the client react?  What did he say in the after action review?





Churn is an important number you need to calculate. Basically it is the percentage of clients that session with you and never return for a second session. 

    If after a dozen or more sessions, you find that you are churning more than 50% of your session client, then you need to step back and look at your session experience and figure out what is going wrong.  

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