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Robert Randolph:  President and CEO

Robert Randolph is a specialist in leading the turnaround of struggling businesses.  A multi-unit specialist, his experience spans across the complete array of functional disciplines of operations, finance, administration, supply chain, real estate and marketing.  Furthermore, he has a wide array of industry experience including retail, education, professional athletics, food services, and hospitability.

Gamal Hassan:  VP - Middle-Eastern Operations

Gamal Hassan is a operations expert specializing within the Hospitality Industry.  With an unparalleled understanding of hospitality and tourism, Mr. Hassan has experience leveraging both local and international ensure his properties are the most profitable within the region.  Mr. Hassan is a graduate of Cornell University, School of Hospitality.

Badia'a, Samraaalnil: Vice President - Guest Experience

Badia'a, Samraaalnil is a veteran of the Entertainment and Hospitality Industry, looing after the guest experience within the Middle-East, Europe and the United States. She is an advocate for both the business and holiday traveler and ensures that Guests enjoy a memorable experience that surpasses all expectation. 

Sam Dalmazio:  Director of People Services

Sam Dalmazio has a well-balanced background in both Human Resources as well as Operaations and is passionate about hiring the finest of applicants and providing them with industry leading training and development.  Mr. Dalmazio speaks 5 luanguates and has proven to be an incredible addition to the Hollywood Adventure teeam.

Management Team


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