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Hollywood Adventure, LLC. is the best choice for discerning Hotel Owners who want the very best in terms of management companies.  Hollywood Adventure LLC. is a step ahead in terms of:


  • A team of top management professionals and hospitality experts leading your hotel property to success in both global and domestic markets.

  • A team knowledgeable with environmental and legal regulations, to ensure the growth and success of your property without undue legal challenges.

  • A management team dedicated to the diversity which will develop leadership and foster career growth at all levels of your hotel personnel.

For the owners


Hollywood Adventure, LLC.  was founded with the belief that success within the Hospitality industry is based on an unrelenting attention to detail. No detail is too small.   By starting with a foundation of people processes, and working up through our property, revenue platforms, and financial programs, then profit is attained.  Guest experience and Guest promotions are the guide wires which hold the structure together.

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