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Client Relationship Management

In an age of long lines at attendant-less Costco Gas Stations, and hostile airline flight attendants, it is hard to imagine that not too many years ago, gas station attendants would routinely wash your windows and check your oil.       Today, when we walk into a business and we are referred to by name, "Hello Ms. Lorraine" we are pleasantly stunned.   Personalization is so rare that it makes an impact when it is used and we show a client that they are special.

Universal Client Desires

     Besides the wishes of a BDSM client to exercise his fetish, there are some fairly universal desires:to 

  • to be important to the  Domina

  • to form a significant ongoing relationship with the Domina

  • to progress in the scene, exploring more interests and "slaying more dragons" in their mind.

       I contacted Mistress Sade, formerly of New York, (the original Sade who managed Rapture studios), not the later Domina who assumed the name and brand of the former.  I wanted to get her permission to publish a review of a scene I had had with her some 11 years previously.  Ms. Sade stunned me by recalling every single element  of that scene... what happened, what room in the studio we were in, which Dominas took part.  It was amazing and proved to me again what a consummate professional she is.  

Keeping Track

Real professional Dommes keep track of their contact history with a client to the tiniest detail such as:


What are the subs stated interests?

What are the sub's stated limits?

Can the sub be given "marks?"

What happened in the session?

What did the Domina wear?

How did the client respond to various activities and Domina tones?

It is almost like the notes that a doctor makes during a visit.  But it is not limited to just the session.  Even before the session, notes concerning source, and contact information need to be kept.

  • How did the client find you?

  • What is is preferred method of contact? email, text?

  • What are his general scene interests and things he would like to explore?

  • Did he provide a reference?

Knowledge is power and as I remind many business professionals, "You are paid to know."   By remembering personal details, previous session activities, learning to understand how a client reacts, and charting his tour and progression (and in some cases training regimen), you will retain clients and increase their session frequency (commonly referred to as the client's "itch cycle." 






Client Relationship Management software, which is also referred to as P.I.M.s (Personal Information Management), are software programs that combine a contact database with activity and contact histories. 

      For example, if you were to receive a session application, the information in that application would be put into a new contact record for that client.  If the client sends you a picture, that would be included on the client's record to help you to recall exactly who that client is.   As time goes on and you communicate with that client, records of those communications are kept within a contact history.   When you session, a summary of the session goes into the system.  Regardless of when the client next sessions with you, you will have a complete record of what has happened, worked and perhaps not worked in the past.

     Just as important though, is your ability to re-market to that client.  Being able to send invitations to your sissies, and just your sissies to announce a "shopping party."  Or sending a birthday discount coupon to a client you have not seen in a while, can provide you with a means of ratcheting up your business activity during slow periods.  



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