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Digital Marketing

for Pro-Dommes

Email Marketing

Although not the most modern,  nor exciting of advertising methods, email, nonetheless remains as one of the most effective means of promoting your practice.

         Response rates to effectively written emails can easily top 5%, and emails are effective at generating quick responses to promotional offerings.

          Many professional Domina's send monthly or quarterly newsletters and use these newsletters to keep their contact list apprised of everything from travel plans to new equipment product reviews.

Email Services

          There are useful tools for utilizing emails and services such as MailChimp will provide most everything needed such as:

  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe features

  • Anti-Span filter busters

  • Personalization

  •  Tracking Analytics:  un-opens, click-through, unsubscribe, conversion rates.

  • Data Base integration

  • Mobile Formatting

Email Legalities

There are not many laws concerning email use but there are a few:

  •  You must offer a subscribe/unsubscribe option. 

  •   You must have received a justification for emailing the recipient such as a product request, a previous order, or signing up on a membership list.

  • Headers and subject lines cannot mislead concerning the actual contents of the email.

Optimizing Email Effectiveness

  1. Write for mobile audience first as it is larger.

  2. Always proofread.

  3. Limit any special effects utilized.

  4. Write for people who quickly scan emails.

  5. Get your "value-message" in early.

  6. Always test your emails before sending in bulk.


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