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Digital Marketing

for pRO-dOMMES

Getting Started

If you were to ask me for directions from say your home to a distant city, I would need to know both where you are coming from and where your destination is.  

Of course it stands to reason that if you are on this site that you are interested in increasing your business.  But what about your reputation?  Are you wishing a regional, national or international reputation?  Do you wish to travel and offer sessions in other cities?  Are you interested in being recognized as an authority in the scene?  Do you wish to teach classes or hold seminars?

You don't have to have all the answers but giving these and others some thought can be helpful.  The Flower diagram on the right will give you some things to think about in reference to the destination you want to aim for.  

An Extremely important decision

One of very first decisions you must make is the degree you wish to isolate your professional life from your regular vanilla life.  We are going to be speaking about digital and social media marketing and as everyone knows, once something is on the internet it is there forever..

The sad truth is that Dominas are all too frequently stalked and there have been tragic occurrences of a Domina being murdered and another situation of a the boyfriend of a Domme being shot down in front of their home.  I urge you to be conservative in your approach to protecting your personal identity.

There are different degrees of isolating your personal life from your professional scene life and each one has its advantages and disadvantages.  In most cases you will want to maintain regular precautions to separate the two.  This should include:

  • Maintain a professional name that is far removed from your personal one.

  • Never use the same pictures on both personal and professional websites as images can be searched.

  • Be careful of payment methods as showing your real name.=

  • Keep your clients and your friends far removed, especially on social media and restrict people from tagging and posting on your site without your approval.

  •  Have a separate phone for business and one for personal and do not share contacts across both.  Keep your personal and professional emails separate on the corresponding phone.

All this taken into consideration, it is just a matter of chance that someone from your personal life or vanilla business career could come across your website.   And although current image recognition software is still primitive, it may not be long before facial recognition software has developed in sophistication.  And if that is not scary, Intel will shortly be releasing a far more advanced Artificial Intelligence model that will service Search Engines.

Some Dominas are so protective that they do not show their face online.  And although this is a very protective practice, it will cost in terms of scene professional business.  Many subs will simply not session with a pro-domme who does not show her face.  

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An example


I was recently working with a Domina who began fairly conservative in isolating her personal life from her professional one, but after time, became frustrated with the challenge.  A maverick by nature, she does not greatly care what others think of her and finally decided to give up and let her social friends know about her professional dominatrix career. 

    All went fine at first and many within her social community applauded her for the strong stance as a leader and strong business woman. 

    However, she did not understand the power she held in her community and was told by one person how their children had been looking at her website.

    Being socially conscientious, she felt the need to bring down her more graphic pictures, taking her site from R to PG 13.

     But... as we will learn later on, it is the more edgy material and pictures which drive conversions and session applications  .

     So... website hits fell,  revisits to the website fell, and conversions... session applications fell.

     The point here is that the decisions you make will bring consequences and they matter.  Decide wisely.

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