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Digital Marketing

for pRO-dOMMES


We are living through a digital revolution, which is bringing significant changes to all facets of our lives, just as the cognitive, agricultural and industrial revolutions before it. The first personal computers were introduced 40 years ago by Apple and RadioShack.  Today, the former has grown from a garage business into the largest corporation in the world; the latter suffered the same fate as so many other brick and mortar retailers and succumbed to competition from another digital behemoth: Amazon.


The digital revolution is not only affecting corporations, but it is having a dramatic effect on all professional entrepreneurs, from doctors and lawyers to professional Dominatrices.  


Professional Dommes not only are struggling with the changes caused by the Digital Revolution, but also struggling with the political legal challenges represented by Fosta/Sesta and the influx of Insta-domme competition caused by BDSM becoming a part of Pop Culture.


There is little doubt that Dominas today have to be very tactical when it comes to handling all of these disruptive forces.  The purpose of this website is help each of you navigate through all this turbulence, reduce stress, and realize each of your goals.

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