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Digital Marketing

for pRO-dOMMES


A brand is measured in two areas:  its financial value, as well as its recognition value.  To the right you will see a number of the most recognized brands in the world.   Apple is the world's most powerful brand and both Ferrari and Coca Cola two of the most recognized.

A brand is when a business (or individual or organization) is connected with (qualities) adjectives and adverbs that are well known.  For instance, Apple is known for simple elegance of design and ease of use.  Walt Disney is known for family values, and wholesome entertainment.  Rolex is known for elegance and luxury.  Ferrari is known for luxury, high performance and engineering excellence.

One of the things which top brands are known for, is how much they protect the reputation and usage of their brand.  From personal experience I found Steve Jobs of Apple and Mic Jagger of the Rolling Stones to both be obsessive with the usage and the protection of the Apple and Rolling Stone brands.  As the caretaker for your own brand, you must similarly be protective of your name and brand.

Similarly, a professional domme needs to carefully plan her brand image and throughout her communication, execute a brand strategy for developing the story and the attributes she wishes her brand to be know for.  

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Domina M


Domina M is the perfect example of a Professional Dominatrix with a well established and immaculate professional brand.

Her well established brand represents sophistication, elegance, beauty, professionalism versatility and skill.

Domina M always reinforces and never undercuts her brand.  And if you were to meet and spend time with Domina M, you could see that the reason is that her personality truly embodies the adjectives which her brand are known for.  She doesn't have to "try" to uphold her brand.  Her brand is a representation of who she really is.

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