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Digital Marketing

for Pro-Dommes

The World of Digital Marketing

The Internet and the Digital World has been a major disrupter; a major evolution for our civilization which has affected just about every part of our life.

          The Personal computer first, followed by the Internet took the world at large into a new Golden Age.  The first Graphic Interfaces, introduced by the Macintosh and then drove into mainstreem business through Windows 95 made personal computers useful for just about anyone.... Professional Dominatrix' included.

         Up until this time, Domina's advertised through local underground newspapers such as the Village Voice, and the LA Weekly.   During a time when a free-spirited Baby Boomer Generation were able to experiment with alternative sexuality, a cleverly written advertisement could bring two weeks of steady clientele.  Of course email was still not prevalent and it was common for a potential client to merely call the Domina, ask a few questions and schedule an appointment.

'       And the Internet served to bring from all over the world with similar interests together to speak on bulletin board forums.  Yahoo groups and BDSM specific websites became popular and for the first time,  people with scene interests were able to anonymously discuss their kinks.  People were able to discuss and learn about interests and BDSM specialties which they had had no previous knowledge of. 

           It was not long before New York established itself as the epicenter for BDSM professional life in the US, with London Berlin and Amsterdam showing themselves to have huge communities as well.

           Due to the communication skills, combined no doubt strong BDSM skills, a cadre of nationally prominent Dominas surfaced.   Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston and DC each were represented with at least one or two ladies who established a national reputation.

          There was simply no stopping this scene and through the golden ages which began in the mid-90s and went through 2006/7, when multiple dungeons in NY raided, popular Dommes paraded to court publicly and hundreds of experienced Dominas retired, or went underground.

        As E-Commerce and online pornography became popular, Domina's found alternate sources of income, and eventually with video conferencing, online sessions became popular.  

           Another hit to the professional scene occurred in 2018 when the Fosta/Sesta legislation came into effect, causing website hosts,  networking communities, and social media networks to shut down or curtail, the reach of professional sex workers, Domina's included.

        It is hard for Domina's today to imagine a time when 8 sessions a day was considered average and 15 sessions  being a busy day.   The truth is that the world of the internet and Digital Marketing are constantly changing and a Professional Domme has a big job staying on top of it all.  

          Over the course of the material yet to come, I will try to bring my readers up to date with many of these changes.


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start- Stop - Strengthen


It is natural that we develop processes that have value for us, but over time, they lose the value, or perhaps even begin to work against our interests.  

     Many of the processes that Domina's now take as routine, such as email communication only prior to deposits being collected and elaborate session plans with phone calls made from street corners that worked for a BDSM scene educated baby boomer or X-Gener, may not be optimal for a more socially insecure Millenial.   Perhaps adjusting our processes of the current generation could prove fruitful.


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