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Digital Marketing

for Pro-Dommes

Pentagram and triangle

Now that we have done a self-assessment and also looked at both our clients and our competition, we can dive down into the basics of marketing strategy.  To do so we will refer to the Pentagram and the Triangle.

     The Pentagram shows the five elements of marketing strategy which are externally facing to your clients.  They form the decision criteria which customers use to decide if they will give you, their business.

           The Triangle represents the internally facing elements which affect the Pentagram and are invisible to the client.  The triangle represents the systems and efficiencies which you run your business.

The Five 'P's

People, for a professional Domme means You and it is the most important single element which a client uses to determine if he wishes to session.   It is your appearance, your demeanor, your style, your personality and every other characteristic that may describe you.   And it also includes your experience and your skill.  

Place:  refers to your dungeon, or the place that you session where clients will visit you.  It includes the interior of the dungeon, its style, decor equipment aned supplies.  It also includes the geographical location, and neighborhood of the dungeon.  Both of these areas are very important.  

Product: is the various services and products which you offer to your clients.  IN many cases it is a variety of BDSM session subjects but it can also refer to online sessioning, video clips, movies, products, clothing articles, and even intimate byproducts.  (And that is as much as I am going to say about that!).  

Promo:  includes not only promotional offers but litgerally all the various types of communication that you put out there.  It can be branded communication special offers, pr content... it is everything.  

Price: is the last of the five 'P's and although it hardly is the least important, it should be determined by carefully reviewing the value proposition offered by the previous four elements.  It used to be that pricing was far simpler, a flat rate per hour, but nowadays pricing is far more tactical with different fees charged for different types of services.   


The Triangle


The triangle represents elements which are not directly seen by the client and represent the ineternal components of how you do your business.  


Systems:  You will develop many systems for how you will conduct your business.  These may deal with how you check on references, how you keep track of sessiion and client information, and how you follow  up iwth clinets after a session.  


Logistics:  We live in a mobile society and we have a number of responsibilities to family and loved ones which must be worked into our day.  Are you going to have to travel to a dungeon location?  How long and how much traffic do you have to deal with and are tehir rush hours that must be avoided?


 Vendors:  We spokeof pricing above, and being competitive is essential, yet we must make money as well.  Your overhead in terms of dungeon rental cost and supply cost is very important.  Do you have a discount arrangement with a BDSM equipment and supply house?  How are you going to procure everyting from a supply of sanitary gloves, to continence  pads, to latex fetishwear?

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Value Proposition


When you look at the combination of your Pentagon and Triangle you will begin to see your Value Proposition.  It is the value proposition that will determine if a client will choose to avail themselves of your services.

      It is a valuable exercise to sit down and actually compare how you rank with your competition in terms of these criteria.

      The value proposition analysis will get you started.  It does weigh the various categories and it is important to note that not all clients will weigh the categories the same.  However, the exercise form will get you started and will align to how most of your clients may feel.


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