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Digital Marketing

for Pro-Dommes


In the world of BDSM people love to put other's into boxes:  dominant, submissive, sadist, masochist, sissy, painslut, toilet... the list goes on and on.  But the truth is that as well adjusted individuals we are flexible and can play many roles.  Furthermore, we grow and evolve and over time we may become something quite different than we were several years before.

        A woman may be submissive at work in a new job, yet dominant at home with her family and submissive again in the presence of her mother.... or perhaps the roles have changed, her mother is elderly and she is the one who cares for and makes decisions.

        So, as well adjusted individuals, we can switch.  Or at least most of us can.  I have run into mis-promoted managers who just can't make the tough calls, and I have run into "Doms" who are so insecure that they never permit themselves a moment to relax and let others make the calls.

We have positive and we have negative attributes, and over time we learn to enhance our strengths and to compensate or cover our weaknesses.

        This process is similar to that of branding.  We want to promote our strengths and leverage them, and we want to cover and overcome our weaknesses.  

           On this page you will find a link to a Brand Assessment document which will ask you to assess yourself and begin to think about the way you wish to present your brand.  What qualities will your brand represent?  What emotions will be generated when they see your brand?

            Whereas the flower exercise was fairly general in scope, this exercise is meant to be very detailed and specific.  Give this exercise time and thought.  Complete this document assessing yourself from both an internal perspective as well as an external one; how others may perceive you.  

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