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Digital Marketing

for Pro-Dommes

Web Site: The Technical stuff

So we have covered the basics of what the Website is to accomplish , what it needs to ​contain and how its goal is to compel viewers to enlist your services.  Let's now spend a brief amount of time, (I promise), in covering some of the drier, albeit very important things about websites which you should know.

Search Engine Optimization:  (SEO)

         There are many ways that a prospective client may learn of the existence of a Domina's website.  Finding websites through a search engine is one of the most common.  For instance, a businessman travels to Houston, and wants to visit a Domina, so he "googles":  "Dominatrix in Houston" and is presented with a list of websites which he can investigate.

           Search engines such as Google, and Bing, use keywords combined with proprietary algorithms to determine the order that websites appear on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  This is important since if a Domina's results are more than 3 pages into the search, there is little chance that they will be found, as most clients will have given up by then.

           Close to 30% of many Professional Domme's clients come from Search engines.  The process works like this.  The Domme assigns keywords to each of the pages on her website.  She may do research to find of the possible choices, which keywords are more frequently used.

          Google will periodically "crawl" your website, and index keywords with each page along with using its own intelligence to interpret the relevance of the page in terms of useful information.  It is important to to understand thought, that content that is placed behind password portals (such as membership only pages) and included on flash gallieries, may not be decipherable by Google and therefore remain unindexed and not help towards your SERP rating.

          The important thing to realize here is that Google (and the other engines) are .... well to put it bluntly... information whores who use propriety algorithms to determine what information is valuable.   This is why it is so important that a Domina fill her website with as much useful information as possible.   Personal biographical information may be useful to a viewer but a document that explains the BDSM scene, tendencies or "how to" skills are likely to be valued much greater by Google and hence generate a higher SERP value.


A code can be requested from Google which is placed within the website that allows google to track the visitors to the website and report back its findings.  These analytics are important because they will tell the website owner who is visiting the site, what ages, from what geographical areas, from what types of internet devices and then how long they spend, which pages are visited and how long they stay there.

          In other words, Analytics will tell you what on your website is valuable to your audience and whether your audience is the audience you are intending to address.

          A website is not a "once and done" endeavor.  Rather, it is a constantly evolving and improving entity.  Analytics provide the website owner with feedback on how the website is performing and what is important to its audience.



A website must be continually evolving entity, never left for long without care and attention.  Your clients need to be provided with the reason to continually come back to see new content.
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