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Digital Marketing

for Pro-Dommes

The Web Site

The Website is the central point of the digital world.  It is the communications hub which allows you to tell the story of your brand, your history, your purpose, vision and about the products and services you offer.

Design, Theme, and Branding

     t is not enough to merely have an aesthetically pleasing website.  In today's world where website design has been automated with attractive templates that can be used, there is no reason why any website should be anything but aesthetically pleasing.  But an aesthetically pleasing website is only the beginning.

     The Website must support the branding elements such as theme, color set, logos, and tag lines.  The purpose of a Brand is connect these design elements with value concepts and repetition of these elements is essential.

        Search out and then utilize directions on how to maintain a professional design.  Color sets within the same color type, limiting the number of fonts you use, and understanding how the eye flows across your page and gravitates to golden rectangles are all important concepts for you to understand.

What an experienced Sub looks for

Invariably the first thing that a new viewer and potential client will do is to look at your pictures (gallery) to see how attractive the Domme is.... and how much sexual magnetism she has. 

          Pictures should show not only attractive pictures but also seductive ones.   And an effective picture gallery has three types of pics:  glamour, lifestyle and scene pictures.

          With the glut of insta-dommes that have appeared on social media, a sub will likely be appraising how "real" you are.... which is sub talk for whether you are an experienced professional.   Your pictures will also serve as a means of establishing your credibility.  Public scenes, party scenes, dungeon scenes are all adding to you as a professional Domme.

         If a potential client does find you attractive  and sexually appealing, he will then likely go to your list of session interests.  This is where Domina's make a huge mistake.  They list dozens of scene interests with no other description. 

          A Sub is not merely interested if you "do" something, they want to know that you are passionate about it.  An effective interest list will include the "why" you enjoy doing this activity.  This may take a bit of creative writing time, but believe me, it is worth the effort.

          Pictures again play and important role as subs want to see a picture of enacting the type of scene or interest they have.  And don't think that pictures of a slave are a bad thing.  Subs enjoy seeing pictures of slaves in your pictures.  And... you need pics of both older slaves and younger studs, since the combination of both shows that 1). you are professional and have a young stable, and 2), that you enjoy sessioning with older subs as well.
          Your experienced and more intelligent subs will look for a bio since they understand that most quality dominas became interested in power exchange and BDSM early in their life, and they will look for examples in the bio where this may have first surfaced.  "I tied the bully to the tether-ball pole and we all laughed."

Common elements of a Professional Domme website

  • Media galleries (glamour, lifestyle, scene)

  • Biography

  • List of interests & specialties

  • Blog or V-logs

  • Testimonials

  • Session application and protocol

  • Travel Calendar

  • Links to social media profiles

  • Contact Page

  • Informational Scene documents

It is important to reinforce that the purpose of a business website is to generate sales, and that means that the content within must be "Compelling."  You need to drive your viewer to complete the session application, or download the video or purchase the product that you are offering.  This the biggest weakness of many Professional Domina websites; they are aesthetic but not compelling.



Picking a website host


Picking a website host is an important decision and one which requires you to anticipate on only your current needs, but also your likely needs for the future.  And of course, as in many things in life, you get what you pay for.

       Two of first and most important elements of picking a website provider and a plan has to do with speed and storage capacity.  The more information you have on your site, especially pics and videos, the more storage that is required and the more time that it will take to load for viewer.... hence the speed requirement.  There are some free services that will not charge for website hosting but will show advertising on your site.  This may be fine when you are starting out, but understand that with a free account, your storage and your speed will be limited.

         A good website provider will have design templates for you to use that will get you up and running quickly with a professionally designed site.  And it is important to note that these design tools are easy to use, since YOU must be able to update your own website in order to keep  it fresh and current.

              Lastly, it is important to have a website company that offers add on application modules which can just be installed onto your website that will do different tasks, many of which may be useful for you in the future:

  • E-commerce, collecting deposits, selling products

  • Hosting and selling video clips and films

  • Maintaining a calendar and handling online-booking.

  • Creating and managing a membership program with membership only pages.

  • Hosting a Blog or V-log.

  • Managing Pantheon contributions.

You migjht notice ethat many of these additional features will enhance your potential revenue streams, so being frugal up-front with your host provider or plan, may limit you in the long run from expanding your revenue opportunities.


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