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Your Guide

If you are going to benefit from this information, it is important that you not merely "learn" from it.  Knowledge is only valuable if It causes you to act.  For you to truly realize the benefits of this material, you must embrace the exercises that are presented here.  So let me go into my background for the purpose of proving to you that this material has a solid foundation and is proven to be effective.


From a conventional viewpoint, my education was business and marketing and extended to the Harvard Executive Development Program.  I have run marketing and operations for a large areas of the country and for a Fortune 500 company and I was faculty at one of the most prestigious universities in the Nation.


But this conventional knowledge experience is only of limited value without my specific industry experience in the BDSM and specifically the Pro-Domme BDSM industry.   I am not sure who the "Goddess of BDSM" might be… Persephonie?... Artemis?… Aphrodite?  Or maybe a daughter of Dionysis?   Well, whoever she is, she smiled upon me.


Born and raised in Hollywood as a young adult who was both a rock 'n' roll musician and championship athlete, I had no shortage of young models and actresses as female companions.  But my goals were more in terms of career and monogamous relationships were much better suited to me.  After a long term relationship broke up, I tried BDSM and immediately was taken and fell into a BDSM relationship with a pro-domme in Los Angeles.


Working all day in my career, evenings would be spent in the dungeon.  It is hard today for Domina's to understand how busy dommes were back in the golden age that ran from '96 to '06, but it was not uncommon for an independent domme to do 3-6 sessions a day, and for a popular house domme to do from 8-15 a day. 


As the internet became more common for scene communication and learning about BDSM, pro dommes continued to thrive.  Eventually I was trained as a Domina and spent a year and a half suffering the pain of stiletto heeled boots and corsets so tight that it was near impossible to breathe.


At this pace, burnout was inevitable, and it was long overdue when the domme I was living with was forced to move east to care for an ailing mother.  I could have moved with her, but my career was in LA and by this time the lifestyle of up all night followed by early to work was just too much.


So back I went to a more conservative life and vanilla spouse, only and inevitably for it to end due to my workaholic nature....  embitterment on my part and then back once more to a "no-commitment" relationship with a pro-domme.


After three live-in relationships with pro-dommes I had learned enough to consult and began working with dommes and consulting with them on business practices, specialty interests and marketing.

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